What’s That Smell?

Have you ever had something really stinky in your house but you didn’t know the source?  Several days ago, I noticed something smelling kind of, um, swampy in the kitchen. I figured it was the trash, even though the smell was most intense a few feet away, rather than right next to it.  I continued smelling something over the next few days, but the trash had long since been taken out, so I thought, what’s the deal??? Continue reading

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Refrigerator Love Story

I’m not a material girl.  I live frugally.  Most of the time, I prefer to make do or do without.  But every now and then, there is a very unfrugal material good that gains my obsession.  This is the story of one such love.

We moved into our house two years ago.  The refrigerator was over ten years old then, and it hasn’t gotten any fresher. It cools things and it freezes thing, and that’s about all I can say for it.  Oh, and that the light works.  But it’s too small, it freezes the lettuce and other delicate items if it’s set cold enough for the milk to not sour quickly, it’s hard to find anything in it, and the gaskets don’t seal well (and thus cultivate a ring of mold where moisture condenses around the door). Continue reading

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Second Wives and Empty Cradles

There are advantages to being a second wife (or, in my case, third-and-a-half).  The husband in question has hopefully learned a few things about how to make a marriage work, and he has matured—ripened—into better husband material.  All of that seems to be true with my husband.  I am the lucky recipient of what took over 20 years for other women to refine.

But of course there are also drawbacks to not being the first wife.  One that is particularly difficult for me is that my husband has no interest in the usual progression of a new marriage.  There are certain things I always imagined I would do once I got married.  As a first-time bride, even though I’m in my forties, I still hoped to experience those things.  But my husband has been there, done that, bought the t-shirt.

And he doesn’t want to go back. Continue reading

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A Very Practical Purse

The height of fashion for people who have more important things to do with their hands than clutching a purse strap.

I don’t get the thrill some women get from “designer handbags.”  For me, my purse is just a place to carry stuff I might need while not home. At one time, I carried a much bigger purse, laden down with all sorts of seldom-used extras (including a pulley and a rubber scorpion), but then I had a baby.  Carrying that baby simultaneously with a diaper bag and a purse was a little too much for me, so I downscaled to a very small bag that I could fasten around my waist.  Ahhh, much better! Continue reading

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The Ethicality of Fishing

Pelicans are prolific fishers. And they don't struggle with the ethicality one bit.

My husband has begun teaching our kids how to fish, and I’m not sure how I feel about that.  I am not a vegetarian, and I firmly believe that eating animals is not only tasty, it’s nutritionally superior.  But I struggle a little bit with the ethics of it. I don’t think it’s wrong to eat animals; I just have trouble with how we get to that point.  It bothers me a lot to contemplate the whole issue, so I feel kind of hypocritical.  And wimpy.

I think fishing and hunting skills are good to have.  I admire my husband for having these skills, and I feel safer for him having them (you just never know when you’ll need them), but I’m glad he doesn’t go hunting.  He hadn’t been fishing since we got together, either, until recently, when, at my suggestion, he took the kids to a fishing clinic.  My daughter loves fishing in video games (particularly in Second Life), so she really wanted to try real fishing.  I figured she’d find out that the real thing is a lot more boring and messy than it is in video games and would give it up quickly.  But both of the kids took to it like, um, a fish to water.  It’s been a great outdoor activity for them (gets them off the computer!), and a great bonding activity, both with Dad and with each other.

Continue reading

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No Soliciting

At one time, before shopping malls and automobiles, door-to-door peddlers were probably welcome conveniences.  But once people could easily reach stores to buy things at their own convenience, door-to-door salespeople became a nuisance.  That they still exist at all is testament to the fact that enough people still buy through this channel to make it worthwhile to the sellers.  I wish those people would knock it off!   Continue reading

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Real Men Wear Pink

Real men wear pink!

It takes a manly man to agree to wear a pink cast.

My husband finally had his splint removed today.  I never thought to take a picture of it, but it looked a lot like a cast with an Ace bandage around it.  I’m not sure why they use that instead of a cast after surgery (perhaps to give room for expansion from the inevitable post-surgery swelling).  But after just about three weeks of the splint, my husband had that removed today to be replaced with a proper cast for the next two weeks.  Continue reading

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