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Is Trailblazing Overrated?

Some people lead.  Some people follow.  I do neither. I go out and quietly do unusual things that other people eventually start doing.  But they don’t do those things because I blazed a trail.  Someone else eventually gets the same … Continue reading

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Swingin’ on the (Amazon) Vine

I’m a member of Amazon’s Vine program.  But for those of us lucky enough to be in this program, we don’t feel like “members”; we’re more like “the chosen ones.”  Amazon posts two newsletters (catalogs, really) each month, and from … Continue reading

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Dirty Laundry

A few days ago, I mentioned something to my husband that I had blogged about, and he admitted that he has never read my blog.  This didn’t surprise me because he doesn’t really enjoy reading, and I’ve always kind of … Continue reading

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