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A Very Practical Purse

I don’t get the thrill some women get from “designer handbags.”  For me, my purse is just a place to carry stuff I might need while not home. At one time, I carried a much bigger purse, laden down with … Continue reading

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The Ethicality of Fishing

My husband has begun teaching our kids how to fish, and I’m not sure how I feel about that.  I am not a vegetarian, and I firmly believe that eating animals is not only tasty, it’s nutritionally superior.  But I … Continue reading

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No Soliciting

At one time, before shopping malls and automobiles, door-to-door peddlers were probably welcome conveniences.  But once people could easily reach stores to buy things at their own convenience, door-to-door salespeople became a nuisance.  That they still exist at all is … Continue reading

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Real Men Wear Pink

My husband finally had his splint removed today.  I never thought to take a picture of it, but it looked a lot like a cast with an Ace bandage around it.  I’m not sure why they use that instead of … Continue reading

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The Abandonment of “Please” and “Thank You”

Like (hopefully) most parents, mine taught me early on to say please when asking for something and to say thank you when something was done for me.  But it seems that somewhere along the line, an awful lot of kids … Continue reading

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Cell Phones for Kids – Good or Bad?

I love technology, but I was a late adopter for cell phones.  I just didn’t see the need to be THAT in touch with the world. I didn’t get a cell phone until I was eight months pregnant and it … Continue reading

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The Collapse of Polite Society

I tend to be a little old-fashioned in my behavior and expectations of others.  There are certain things you just shouldn’t (or should) do.  I’m not so naïve as to assume everyone else is on the same page, so I … Continue reading

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