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His and Hers Microwaves

In a household of just two people, I used to fantasize about having a second microwave.  First thing every morning, I made my daughter’s oat bran while wishing I could be simultaneously boiling water for a cup of tea.  And … Continue reading

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Too Much Togetherness?

My husband has been working from home for the past two months while his office building was being remodeled.  While there have been many positive aspects of having him around 24/7, there were also some challenges. 

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Am I a Housewife or a Maid?

I don’t think the term housewife is even allowed anymore.  Homemaker is the preferred term, I think.  Or maybe stay-at-home mom.  Personally, I like fire tender because I tend (and put out) a lot of fires around here.  But despite … Continue reading

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Dirty Laundry

A few days ago, I mentioned something to my husband that I had blogged about, and he admitted that he has never read my blog.  This didn’t surprise me because he doesn’t really enjoy reading, and I’ve always kind of … Continue reading

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Oh, Yeah

When I sat down to write a blog entry yesterday, I was a little surprised to find that I hadn’t written anything for ten days.  I love to write, and I have a lot to say, so why did I … Continue reading

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We Need Counseling

For anyone keeping track, my husband and I got past the Wal-Mart incident.  He apologized profusely and sincerely and even bought me flowers (even though his recollection of events differs from mine).  But then we got into an even worse … Continue reading

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Is Wal-Mart Bad for Your Marriage?

My husband and I had a big fight on Saturday.  It started unexpectedly and completely without my knowledge.  And thinking it over, I blame Wal-Mart.  My husband and I get along really well most of the time.  But there’s just … Continue reading

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