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Why Having a Lodged Kidney Stone is Like Being Very Pregnant

You are so tired of carrying this thing around—the bloating, the pain, the nausea, the endless doctors’ appointments. You just want it out of you already! It kicks at odd times with a ferocity that doubles you over and makes … Continue reading

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The Horror of Circumcision

My stepdaughter had her newborn son circumcised today. I knew if she had a boy that she intended to have that done, but I had hoped once her baby was born, she would look in his sweet, trusting eyes and … Continue reading

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The Quickest Way to Peel an Avocado

Last night we were going to have chicken fajita salad (basically everything you’d have in a fajita, but without a tortilla, since we’re low-carbing), so I picked up all the fresh veggies on the way home from picking up the … Continue reading

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Is It Safe to Thaw Meat on the Counter?

Do you thaw meat on the counter?  Yeah, I know you’re not supposed to, and I understand why, but I wonder how many people disregard that ubiquitous warning.  I didn’t used to thaw meat on the counter, but I’ve always … Continue reading

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In the last 3.5 months, my husband has lost 45 pounds, and I’ve lost 25.  I often compliment him on how much smaller he’s gotten, but he has never, not even a single time, said anything to me.  I guess … Continue reading

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Real Men Wear Pink

My husband finally had his splint removed today.  I never thought to take a picture of it, but it looked a lot like a cast with an Ace bandage around it.  I’m not sure why they use that instead of … Continue reading

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Ford Recall

The cruise control suddenly went out on my car a few days ago.  This was very bad news for me because I use cruise control constantly.  If I’m driving fast enough for it to engage, I’ve got it on, perhaps … Continue reading

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