The Horror of Circumcision

My stepdaughter had her newborn son circumcised today. I knew if she had a boy that she intended to have that done, but I had hoped once her baby was born, she would look in his sweet, trusting eyes and vow she could never hurt him.

But today on Facebook, she posted a video of her husband holding the baby in the doctor’s waiting room.  I knew they had a doctor’s appointment today, but I thought it was just a routine well-baby visit.  Then her husband laughed and made a scissor motion above his son’s crotch and said, “Can you say ‘snip, snip’?  ‘Snip, snip’?”  

My stepdaughter, filming that horrifyingly flippant gesture, said, “Yeah,” with a touch of reserve in her voice.  But then she proceeded to say, “It’s part of being a boy.”


I know that tens of thousands of baby boys are subjected to this cruel, barbaric, and astoundingly ignorant ritual every day, but is that really a valid reason to make it “part of being a boy”?  Just to go along with the crowd?

I can’t imagine any mother offering up her son to be tied down and maimed like this.  My stepdaughter is out of state, so I have not yet seen the baby in person, but my husband has been sending me adorable photos every day.  It breaks my heart to think of what they did to him.


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