The Quickest Way to Peel an Avocado night we were going to have chicken fajita salad (basically everything you’d have in a fajita, but without a tortilla, since we’re low-carbing), so I picked up all the fresh veggies on the way home from picking up the kids.  I set one of the sacks on the floor, and, having forgotten about it, later stumbled over it.  As I stepped on it, I felt the most sickening popping sensation under my foot. Accompanying it was an equally sickening “Phhthck” sound.  

“Eww, what was that?”  I thought.  Looking in the sack, I wasn’t even sure what it was at first.  Inside a produce bag, there was a heap of pale green mush; an empty, wrinkled, dark green skin; and in the far corner of the bag, a large, solitary seed.  I’d stepped on an avocado.  And it was totally obliterated.

The mess was well contained within the bag, but I was dismayed to have ruined a perfectly good, ripe avocado, because, well, you know, those suckers are expensive!  Plus I sure didn’t want to miss out on avocado with my fajita salad.

I examined the mess more closely and realized all was not lost.  In fact, it might have been pretty fortunate.  My avocado was completely peeled, seeded, and mashed for me! Stepping on it had neatly extruded the contents from the peel, and the seed, normally so hard to remove, was totally disengaged.  All I had to do was toss it and the peel, dump the rest into a bowl, and I had instant guacamole!

I’m not sure I’d have the nerve to see if I could duplicate this feat, but stepping on avocados sure has the potential to be a huge time timer.

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