Custom Rings

When I took my husband to his pre-surgery consultation yesterday, the one bright spot was that the nurse noticed and commented on our wedding rings.  “Your rings are so beautiful,” she said.  “You must have had them custom made.”

I grinned and glanced over at my husband.  The truth is, we bought them on eBay for $50 (for both of them, including shipping).  They are made from tungsten carbide, so they are virtually indestructible (anything that would damage them would have to cause so much damage to our hands in the process that scratching up our rings would be the least of our worries). 

I got the idea for getting tungsten carbide wedding rings after talking to my nephew.  His wedding ring is white gold (or platinum; something like that), and he complained that he’s always having to worry about scratching it or banging it on something.  In fact, it’s become bent out of shape.  He said that he wished he and his then-wife-to-be had gotten tungsten carbide rings, instead, but she insisted on having a ring made out of a traditional “precious metal.”

I get the symbolism of traditional rings, but to me, having an indestructible ring is more-powerful symbolism.  Plus I’m deeply practical.  I just knew I’d be clunking my ring around, and my husband-to-be, a real hands-on handyman kind of guy, would definitely be clunking his around.  So I ran the idea by him, and he liked it (plus he probably would have gotten just about anything I wanted), so that’s what we did.

And I’m so glad we chose these!  Indeed, I do clunk my ring around all the time, and my husband has delighted in telling me about the clonks he’s had with his that would have severely damaged a traditional ring.  But ours still look new, sparkling like little mirrored disco balls when we move our hands.

My husband looked over at me, then over at the nurse, and said, “We custom found them.”

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