Miscommunication – Call off the Divorce!

Just before bedtime a couple of nights ago, my husband and I sat on the bed together.  He watched television and I worked on my blog.  I knew he really had no interest in my blog and even thought it to be rather silly and a waste of time, so I didn’t consider that he might be watching me.

Suddenly he said, “If your blog becomes famous and you make a lot of money, will you stay married to me?”

I looked over at him and was surprised to find a serious expression on his face.  I didn’t even know what to say to that, so I just stared at him with a raised eyebrow.

“No,” he said, “I don’t really think you wouldn’t stay married to me.”  Then he smiled a little bit.  “But I bet you’d have to think about it, wouldn’t you?”

I said, “So now you think I might actually do something with this?”

He enthusiastically proclaimed, “Of course!  I’ve always thought that.  I’m so proud of you!  I want to tell everyone I know about your blog!  But I probably shouldn’t since you talk about me in it.  I want to read your blog, even though I shouldn’t, and I almost have several times, and I might someday.”

His sincerity was unmistakable.  He’s proud of me!  He actually believes in what I’m doing!  This was completely different from what I thought he was thinking about my blog!  Wow, did I ever have him wrong.  I’ve been on low-grade-grumble mode the past few weeks because doing this blog is really important to me for many reasons, and I thought he thought it was pointless. 

I have no illusions about my blog becoming famous or my making any money from it (let alone a lot), but it was so important to me that he recognized my blogging as something that matters, anyway.  Now I know that he does.

And when I snuggled up to him that night, grumble mode off, he knew that, yes, even if my blog does become famous and I make a lot of money, I’ll stay married to him.

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