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During a Christmas-shopping trip in November, my husband and I came across some Berkshire Bedding “microplush” fleece sheets. They were soft blue, lavender, pink, and purple paisley, and I thought they were the most beautiful sheets I’d ever seen. I do enjoy having flannel sheets in the winter, so I figured I’d like these, but I was a little concerned that the fleece would pill up and wouldn’t wear well. But the sheets were just so beautiful, I had to get them!

Taking them out of the package at home, I couldn’t believe how dreamily soft they were. I couldn’t wait to get them on the bed, but I washed them first and was delighted to see that they looked exactly the same after washing (no pilling or fading). But when I tried to get the fitted sheet on our mattress, something was wrong. It didn’t fit! And taking note that there was only one pillow case in the package, I realized that it was a twin-sized set that had been mislabeled queen. I was so disappointed!

The store where we bought the sheets is a long drive away from us, so it took us a few weeks to return them. By that time, I was absolutely devastated to find that they no longer had the sheets in stock. I was so sad returning them. I loved them so much, I considered keeping them just so I could use the flat sheet as a blanket while watching TV (yeah, they’re that warm). But I hoped that maybe we could find them somewhere else. Trouble is, they’re not that easy to find.

On Christmas morning, I opened my present from my husband and was overjoyed to find a set of Berkshire Bedding sheets. They weren’t my beloved paisley, but he’d managed to find a pattern I think I like even more: Blue, pink, and green snowflakes. These are such happy sheets! They’re so beautiful, I can’t bear to cover them up. When I make the bed, I fold back the blankets so that the sheets are the star. Even after repeated washings, they still haven’t pilled, and they look great.

We keep our house very, very cold at night (mid-fifties), but I’m always warm in these sheets. I usually don’t even need a blanket for most of the night (okay, maybe I’m kind of hot-natured, but these things are toasty). The days are starting to get warm here, and spring is just around the corner. I wonder at what point it will get so warm that the idea of sleeping in fleece sheets becomes unappealing. Nights in Colorado are always cold, so maybe I’ll end up pressing on through the summer in these. Or maybe I’ll get a floral print for the summer (if I can talk my husband into it).

Note:  I have no affiliation with Berkshire Bedding (they don’t even know I exist!), nor was I compensated in any way for this post.  I just really like their fleece sheets.

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  1. DWW says:

    I was touched by your story of receiving the flannel sheets for Christmas -but, are you kidding me? Flannel sheets year-round? Do you live at the top of Mt. Evans?

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